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Nico Tino Leonie Leo (Dinner Rolls – Brötchen) Tino’s gentle and unobtrusive look is in reality a thin but nevertheless smooth crispy crust. His crumb is evidence of sophistication because of a fine balanced relation between saltiness and sweetness without specific characteristics.  Nico is like a small Chameleon, he likes it to adapt himself, without being meddlesome at the same time.   Nico has also fun to masquerade himself. If you look closely you will see that Tino is in reality Nico, but with a cap of poppy seeds. And if you look closely at Leonie you will recognize that this is Nico with a cap of sesame seeds. Also Leo is Nico with a cap of cheese.   They all love sweet as well as hearty toppings and appreciate it to be very often the pure snack in between for the small appetite.

Nico (4ea) - wheat roll

  • wheat flour 100%, yeast, salt, water, malt, butter,