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Handmade in Hawaii. The perfect gift to bring home from Maui.

All Seasoning Salts are made with Hawaiian Salt and Alaea (red clay) Sea Salt. Each flavor is created, and hand blended with 15 different herbs and spices from our chief of our condiments. Use them on any type of meals, seafoods and vegetarian dishes. Which ever style you prefer, BBQ, roasting, grilling etc, this Flavor herb salt will spice up your meal. Or let the salt and spices speak to you alone. Take your favorite olive oil, add some Flavor Herb salt to your liking and dip in your favorite bread.

That alone is a taste sensational meal in itself.

Maximum shipping weight per box is 8.8lb. Orders heavier than 8.8lb will be shipped in 2 boxes.

Flavor Herb Salt

  • Salt, Herbs, Garlic, Ginger, Cracked Pepper, Chili Pepper, ‘Alaea Salt”, Parsley, Raw Sugar, Spices