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Our Jette loves to take the same bath as our Ella (Pretzel) and our Josie (Pretzel baguette). A lye bath. Jette knows that people are a little skeptical at the beginning, but also curious. Because actually it looks like a croissant? How should that taste? Croissant inside and pretzel outside and a little salt on top. A terrific combination of an inner light buttery sweetness with an outer slightly salty and strong aroma. Jette is a pleasure both on its own and with your coffee, tea or juice. But it also masters the role as a sandwich topped with salad, vegetables, and hearty food in the middle, as well as open tartness coated with cream cheese and topped with lots of fresh fruit.

Jette (2ea) - Pretzel croissant

  • wheat flour 100%, butter, water, milk, yeast, salt, egg, soy, nut oil, sugar, lye