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E komo mai! Welcome! Herzlich Willkommen!

Welcome to our Bakery in Kihei on the island of Maui in the state of Hawaii. We are happy you are visiting our website and hope to greet you in our store if possible.


Maui Bread Company would like to spoil you with local and international flavors, our Alohas and our unique selection of baked goods.


Our Fusion Gourmet Bread shop has two major lines of products:


“Hawaiian Artisan Bread”

is the mutual influence and shaping of Hawaiian, American and Asian tastes.

The world of sweetness and seductive pleasure. Traditional recipes of great uniqueness.  Using local ingredients ensures the highest quality.


“German Artisan Bread”

is the mutual influence and shaping of German and European tastes.

The world of the high art of bread-baking. Recipes that have been tried and tested for generations and with consummate persistence still have room for change. High quality raw materials are one part of the secret.

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Our products

Here you will find various subgroups, each with a selection of the available products. The range can change depending on the season and the raw materials available.

Bring your appetite and get ready to treat your tastebuds. We invite you to look around our bakery and get acquainted with our various baked goods. Ask us about our products and find out what can be pre-ordered  for pick up at the store and what can be shipped.

Our philosophy
Maui Bread Company_best bakery_Maui_germ

Maui Bread Company is striving to give our customers an experience they will appreciate and long remember as being delicious, authentic, caring and and having been served with the Aloha spirit.


We are the Fusion Gourmet Bread Shop with taste influences of Hawaiian, Asian and German recipes.


The background of the owners, Steve and Christine Lange has a big influence on how we do business. They take advantage of their professional experience. 

Maui Bread Company_best bakery_Maui_germ
Maui Bread Company_best bakery_Maui_germ

Online shop

German Artisan Breads & Rolls, Hawaiian Artisan Breads, Treats & Cookies, Specialities, Condiments and selected other items


Commercial Orders


please contact us via

Maui Bread Company_best bakery_Maui_germ
About us

Founded in 2016 and owned by a local family as a Fusion Gourmet Bread Shop, Maui Bread Company LLC was and still is passionate about food and our customers! 

During the first 4 years of its existence, we have introduced products with Hawaiian and Asian influences. We are well known for our local flavors, our Alohas, and our unique ability to combine the best of Eastern and Western baking. Many customers call us the gluten-free authority on Maui. No matter what the product is, we sincerely believe quality is everything. 

In search of the perfect place to open up a German Bakery, Christine and Steve visited the four major Hawaiian islands in late 2019. It was more than a coincidence that they met the owners of Maui Bread Company at that time. When they heard what Steve and Christine were looking for and the German couple heard what they own, all jaws dropped.

Maui Bread Company_best bakery_Maui_germ
Wheat Crop
Recent Awards
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Reviews from millions of TripAdvisor travelers placed this restaurant in the top 10% worldwide

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Reviews from millions of TripAdvisor travelers placed this restaurant in the top 10% worldwide

2023 Yelp Award Maui Bread Company
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Maui Bread Company_best bakery_Maui_germ

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