Founded in 2016 and owned by a local family as a Fusion Gourmet Bread Shop, Maui Bread Company LLC was and still is passionate about food and our customers!  


During the first 4 years of its existence, we have introduced products with Hawaiian and Asian influences. We are well known for our local flavors, our Aloha's, and our unique ability to combine the best of Eastern and Western baking. Many customers call us the gluten-free authority on Maui. No matter what the product is, we sincerely believe quality is everything. 


In search of the perfect place to open up a German Bakery, Christine and Steve visited the four major Hawaiian islands in late 2019. It was more than a coincidence that they met the owners of Maui Bread Company at that time. When they heard what Steve and Christine were looking for and the German couple heard what they own, all jaws dropped.


Originally, it was not planned to sell the bakery. But after some conversations it became clear that Maui Bread Company would be the perfect platform to introduce “German Artisan Bread” as an additional product line. The ownership changed at the beginning of 2020. 


The team of the bake shop consisting of local experts has been added by a German Master Baker. And new equipment from Germany has been added to the bake shop. The new breads, pretzels and rolls are on the shelves.


The next time you're on Maui, come let our ohana show you our tradition, quality, taste and hospitality. 

E Kipa Mai!