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Here you will find various subgroups, each with a selection of the available products. The range can change depending on the season and the raw materials available.

Bring your appetite and get ready to treat your tastebuds. We invite you to look around our bakery and get acquainted with our various baked goods. Ask us about our products and find out what can be pre-ordered  for pick up at the store and what can be shipped.

As you read the description of our German artisan bread (Brot) and rolls (Brötchen) you will notice each carries a name. This did not come by chance, they are the names of dear family members, friends, and mentors. As we work in our bakery and hear you, our valued and dear customer, use those names we are reminded of our loved ones and you put a smile in our hearts. 

Thank you for indulging us. 


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