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Hawaiian Artisan Bread

All bakery products will be custom baked to order on Sundays. Therefore online orders have to be placed Fridays. We ask for your understanding that as a family operated bakery we need Saturday to prepare for the products to be baked on Sunday and that we have to limit our pack & shipping operations to one day per week (Monday).

 Shipping to US mainland and Hawaiian Islands.


​Freshness through shelf-life prolongation


After (half-)baking our Muffins, Breads and Sweet Breads in our Kihei bakery, they are packed in a heat resistant plastic bag. Thereafter the products are heated (not baked) with a specific temperature profile over a defined period of time. This sterilization process prolongs the shelf life enormously and guarantees that your products arrive fresh at your home. Upon delivery of your products, this allows you to finish baking or freeze & bake later according to the simple instructions included.

Bring the aroma of freshly baked products from Maui Bread Company into your home.


Shelf-life prolonged products are custom baked to order and are not on stock in our Kihei store here on Maui.

Hawaiian Artisan Breads
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